Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fabrics and granny squares

Tried making granny squares again this weekend. Something just seemed to click this time around, there were no tears, I just kind of made some. They're a bit messy, I think my technique is probably all wrong, but I was so pleased with myself! It may turn into an obsession, like it seems to have with everyone else.....

My trip to Patchwork on Central was great on Saturday. No little m, just me, free to browse for as long as I liked, with birthday voucher in hand.

It actually all felt a bit frenzied. I was like a child in a sweet shop, just grabbing at anything that took my fancy, with no thought as to what I'll make with all my little bits and pieces.
I just can't stop staring at them though, re-arranging my pile, opening them up and folding them back again.


  1. Granny squares look superb...great colour choices and I am SO envious of your haul from Patchwork! Lucky you!!!

  2. Hei, granny squares! I'm also planing to join the 'addicts' club :) I feel ready for the job - geared with enough yarn and determination, I hope!
    Love your choice of color!
    As for the fabric...'jealous' is the right word :)

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  4. LOVE the granny squares - am sooo jealous - could do with a tutorial!!! Love the colours as well and your fabrics look divine- what a brilliant haul!! xxxxx

  5. That fabric looks lovely! What a treat getting to go to a fabric shop on your own.

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