Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Creative Space

Thankyou for everyone's lovely comments last week! It took a few days, but by Sunday something was starting to happen, and the designs are well under way now. That doesn't mean that I'm not having design tantrums nearly everyday though, getting so frustrated with myself.
In fact I've just had one of those tantrums.....which is why my creative space looks the way it does today. I've pushed all my design work to one side ( you can just see some of it in the photo) and I've been making some more scrappy log cabin blocks. I don't really no why I'm making them, I just find it kind of therapeutic. And I like the way it just uses up all of those tiny scraps of fabric, of which I have so many. And they're pretty quick to make, giving instant satisfaction, which is always a good thing if you ask me.

Also in my creative space, is this little monster....
getting into everything, trying to eat everything, (including my fabrics) and generally getting up to a whole lot of mischief.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Creative Space

It's after midnight, the house is silent, and everyone is asleep. I am upstairs in my studio working. I've even managed to resist the sometimes overwhelming urge to look at my favourite blogs, for a while now. Maybe even a week.
I haven't been able to do any personal crafting. I have a big design project that I have just started, and I've been researching, panicking, drawing, then throwing the drawings away. I haven't done a lot of designing since little m was born, and I find it hard after such a long break.

But I've put new pictures up on my inspiration board, behind my computer. I'm hoping the fresh images will get some creative juices flowing, that my hand will finally co-ordinate with my brain, and something good might happen.

Oh please, let something good happen....

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Look what arrived in the post today....

the most delightfully packaged little parcel.....

with some sweet little paper clips.
Each layer I unwrapped added to my anticipation,

and finally, he was revealed,

Matt L'Oiseau

with a little cap, and his own little pocket. Beautifully made by a little sprout

I am in love.....

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fabrics and granny squares

Tried making granny squares again this weekend. Something just seemed to click this time around, there were no tears, I just kind of made some. They're a bit messy, I think my technique is probably all wrong, but I was so pleased with myself! It may turn into an obsession, like it seems to have with everyone else.....

My trip to Patchwork on Central was great on Saturday. No little m, just me, free to browse for as long as I liked, with birthday voucher in hand.

It actually all felt a bit frenzied. I was like a child in a sweet shop, just grabbing at anything that took my fancy, with no thought as to what I'll make with all my little bits and pieces.
I just can't stop staring at them though, re-arranging my pile, opening them up and folding them back again.