Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On my desk, on my mind

On my desk this week,
it all looks fairly orderly, but my mind is not....I have so many things that I want/need to make at the moment that I can't concentrate!

This is what is on my list so far:
  1. Another baby quilt for a friend - maybe this time in shades of neutral and green
  2. A birthday gift for my other niece who turns 1 in two months time (but I have to plan ahead, because they live in the UK)
  3. Little m's quilt, much talked and thought about, but not yet begun.....
  4. Make some drawstring pouches from Heather Ross's Weekend Sewing book, for holding all those baby essentials that are driving me mad by getting lost in my own handbag
  5. Make a bag from this tutorial on Oh, Fransson!
  6. Start learning to crochet....I keep seeing gorgeous granny squares about the place, and i want desperately to be able to make them! I had an obsession with learning to crochet a while back, and tried to learn from books, it was a disaster. I blame it on being left handed.There was a lot of frustration, maybe even some tears...
But anyway, right now I'm just embroidering. Trying not to get distracted. Little m is having a rare, fairly lengthy afternoon nap, and I am enjoying the stillness in the house. Maybe this embroidery will be a square to put into the new baby quilt, or maybe not, I'll wait and see how it turns out.

And pop over to Kootoyoo to see more lovely creative spaces.

And for those who live in Melbourne, don't forget there's a sale on on Saturday at Patchwork on Central Park. (I have a birthday voucher just burning a hole in my pocket!)


  1. You have so much on your list! Looking forward to seeing the new baby quilt as well as little miss m's and that bag...will look sensational. I can't wait to move down to Melbourne, I just love the stuff in Patchwork! BTW: Your little Elephant is too sweet!

  2. Beautiful workspace! Good luck with the big list. Wish I could get to Melbourne on Saturday for the sale. Hope you get some bargains!

  3. What a neat and colour coordinated creative space! Your embroidery looks adorable too :)

  4. Your embroidery is sooooo cute! i also want to make the bag from Oh,Fransson!, it is such a great tutorial!

    x nadine
    little lovelies

  5. What a beautiful inspiring snapshot of creativity.

  6. You are so organised and it looks all sooo attractive- LOVE the embroidery. I'm sure that you will soon get through your list...xxxx

  7. I have that problem rather regulary, and now out of work it's worse, I have too much spare time to come up with new ideas and work.

    You'll get your mojo back into concentrating, and soon you'll crack through your list.

    But if all else fails have a cuppa and a biscuit. Works a treat.

  8. I'm with you on the crochet thing - I also need to learn. My sister was kind enough to buy me a crochet lesson for my birthday, so next month we are off to John Lewis for the day to learn to crochet (they do classes - unbeknown to me!).

    I think you do a fine job with your craft juggling - especially with a little one to occupy your days.


    off to check that bag tutorial now, thanks :o)

  9. Oh it's beautiful!

    Keep on keeping on with the crochet. It's worth it.