Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Creative Space

This is a little corner of my creative space this week.
The beginnings of some little pouches. I'm a bit obsessed with making these, you can never seem to have too many pouches, for housing all your little bits and pieces.

You can see more lovely creative spaces if you pop over here.

And over in another corner, are a couple of Easter bunnies. The little handmade felt mushroom bunny arrived in her own little egg home from Effunia this week, and I just love her. She'll be good company for my Christina Gordon toy bunny, as she is a little grumpy, being on her own she for such a long time.....

We're heading off to the beach for the Easter break with Little m. We live in the heart of the city, sometimes I think all he sees are people, trams and cars. So I can't wait to show him the ocean, trees, cockatoos and koalas, I think he'll get excited.

Have a good Easter everyone xx