Sunday, April 5, 2009

Handmade presents

I've had a busy week making things. I decided at the beginning of the year that all gifts given this year would be handmade by me. I'm enjoying the challenge, and thinking of things to make. And I have to plan in advance (not something that comes naturally to me) so I have time to make them.
It was my husband's birthday this week, and I decided to make him a special print using my gocco. (My love affair with my gocco continues, though half way through printing we fell out and I wanted to smash it...all is forgiven now though. Phew.) All of the motifs have special, personal meaning to us both, and I was pleased with it in the end.

I think he liked it too.

And I have been having a frenzy cutting out fabric squares and embroidering for the baby quilt. It has to be completely finished and ready for the baby shower in less than two weeks. Aaaaarrgh!! (I told you planning was not something that comes naturally...)


  1. Hi, I think your work is fab. I am currently saving up for a gocco. I havent screen printed since college but keep seeing work that people have produced with these magic machines! Do you mind me asing where you got yours from? I have been looking on ebay. Keep up the good work, I think handmade presents are always the best ones.

  2. beautiful!! Handmade presents are the BEST!
    Have a beautiful Easter to you and your Family!

  3. The print is beautiful! I also really love the fabric prints you've done, looks fantastic.

  4. The print is really beautiful!! and the quilt well done - will have to copy you with the handmade presents idea but planning ahead is also a problem for mexxxx

  5. your print is very cute - I hope your hubby liked it too