Thursday, March 5, 2009


lovely new fabrics that arrived the other day.....

Its so hard finding cute fabrics that are boy friendly. There is so much gorgeous stuff for girls, but finding things for boys is so much harder. After hours of searching online, I found these. To be turned into a quilt for little m, whenever I find the time.......


  1. Your fabrics are so cute, you'll have to let me know the link to where you found them. I know the feeling, I've got 2 boys and I always struggle to find suitable things for them whether it be clothes, bedroom accessories or fabric. There's is defo always lots for little girls.

    As a designer, boys are harder to design for as there is so much licensed suff out there for them.

    Have fun making, can't wait to see the outcome.
    Love popping over to your blog, feel free to hop over and have a look at mine!!

    Emma ;)

  2. really lovely fabrics- perfect for a baby boy quilt- lovely colours and designs etc. can't wait to see your finished quilt xxxxxxxx

  3. what a beautiful selection of fabrics!
    The apple fabric is soo cute, i have the one with the girl holding the balloon.

  4. Hi there, I am learning to sew ( i have a 10mth boy), and hope to buy a machine soon... Where did you get the fabrics online? I went to spotlight, but not very impressed....what do you think?