Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bushfires and bears

I was going to tell you about a new project that I was starting, but because of the events over the weekend here in Victoria, I have changed my mind.

The bushfires have left an overwhelming feeling of sadness in me. My sister-in-law was trapped in one of the worst affected towns, and somehow, by luck, she survived. The thought of what could have been gives me shivers. I feel complete heartache for all the families that have lost loved ones or lost their homes, I cannot imagine how they feel.

It's not much, but I want to do a little bit to help (of course, as well as donating money here) so I am going to make some handmade toys to distribute to the children of the families affected by the fire. If you would like to help too, then pop on over to The Toy Society website.

I made these little guys on Sunday and yesterday, and I think they will be my first donations...

This is Freckles the bear,

and this is Newton, he likes apples...

especially apple pie. I made him to celebrate little m having solid food for the first time yesterday! It was such a lovely moment, as I put the first spoonful into his mouth his whole face crunched up at the strangeness of it all, and once he had tasted it, he just lit up in one huge beaming smile. Delightful.


  1. Beautiful! Your lovely toys put mine to shame ;-) I'll still donate some anyway though ...

  2. TOTALLY GORGEOUS ! Lovely idea to donate them. I love the little pie and the apple as well- too cute. xx

  3. Ohh, look at these two! Your toys will make somebody very very happy!!
    As for the bushfire... no words....

  4. lovely toys - I'm sure the recipients (whoever they might be) will love them. I'm also making a few to donate.


  5. Oh! They are gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous!