Monday, February 23, 2009


Much of the weekend was spent browsing bookshops, I could just spend hours and hours doing this..... Moving from art to design to sewing, drooling over the sumptuous pictures in the cooking section, and then finally getting lost in what is always my favourite section, childrens picture books. I loved these books best even before I had a baby of my own, before I had neices....and now I have the perfect excuse to buy more books than ever!

So I did buy a few books for little m (that have gone straight up to my studio....) but my favourite purchase of the weekend was this darling little book that is just for me, I just had to have it....

Isn't it divine?
You can find more of Rob Ryan here and also more stunning papercutting here.

Finding little gems like these is what book shoppping is all about.


  1. Yep, book shops and libraries are somewhat magical places... I've noticed our book shelves are filling up faster than we actually manage to read what we have, but books can be those true treasures and sometimes it can not be compared to anything else...
    I love Elsita's stuff and thanks for the Rob Ryan link, he's brilliant!

  2. Looks such a beautiful little book and paper cutting looks amazing. Would love a book on "how to be patient"or perhps meditation is the answer. Thanks for the Rob Ryan link - enjoyed that,, xxxxxxxxxx