Saturday, September 11, 2010

Birthday Cake

How did this come around so quickly? I can't believe another whole year has gone by...

Based on my little one's favourite book, The Tiger Who Came to Tea, it was a bit of a rush job. (Following an entire day spent in emergency, with his second broken arm...) I managed to decorate the whole thing in just a couple of hours, but I was quite pleased with it in the end. And my little one just loved it, and ate all of the sugar food for his own tea.


  1. Oh my goodness - that cake is amazing!

  2. Eeeeck! It is so cute! I showed this to my two earlier today and I think they were pretty miffed that mommy didn't come up with something even remotely close to that. The details just amaze me, you are so talented! My kiddos love that book too, I think we got it when we were in the UK.

  3. o o, second broken arm...but then this cake! Gosh, too beautiful to be eaten! Very belated, Happy B-day little M! 2 years?!

  4. i think it's INSANELY AMAZING@@@@@@!!!

    you should take part in our object section of spoonful... i will try to find your address & email you :)



  5. I just found your blog and flickr. I love everything you have made. If you ever do anymore blog posts I would love to know how you did the birdcage. I left you a lot of comments on flickr and added a lot of your pictures to my pinterest.