Thursday, August 5, 2010



This is Boris.

Handmade by me yesterday, and I'm very pleased with him. My first attempt at needle felting.
I seem to spend hours browsing around Flickr looking at things I could make, but always feeling like I'll never have the time.... I've been obsessing over needle felting for the longest time, ever since buying this book for a friend. So on a whim I popped into Spotlight yesterday and bought a few supplies, quickly looked at a youtube tutorial and started making.

I have ideas for many more things, and with Little m's birthday coming up, I can feel my craft fire re-igniting....


  1. He is just the cutest bear- well done!! It is so brilliant for your first attempt at needle felting... xxxxxxxx

  2. omg hey borris!! hes amazing!! You should definitely post him to the heart handmade group :)

  3. Boris is so cute charming. love him. I can't believe your little one's birthday is coming up again! Time flies!