Friday, March 26, 2010

Painting eggs

Its been a while......
I have managed to do a only a tiny bit of crafting these last few months ( its six months since I last blogged, I can't believe it!!) I did manage to give a hand made gift to everybody in my family,(thogh it completely exhausted me!) but sadly I didn't manage to photograph any of these lovely things, and now they are all on the other side of the world...
Since I've been back here in Melbourne, there hasn't been a whole lot of time for crafting. Looking after a toddler is so demanding, and he won't leave me alone for a second.

But late in the evenings, I have forced myself to paint some eggs for Easter, I'm scared that if I don't do something creative, I'll start losing my creativity (as well as my mind...)


  1. those eggs are absolutely beautiful!!

  2. they are so lovely and remind me of some of my favorite fabric. Welcome back, I've missed your posts.

  3. hello, welcome back!
    You certainly haven't lost your creativity - those little eggs are super sweet :o)


  4. Welcome back! Those eggs were well worth the wait - they are stunning :)

  5. Welcome back to blog land! Your panted eggs are amazing!

  6. This is a really long shot but I am looking for someone to handpaint two wooden eggs to order for me (I'd obviously pay for your time and effort!). Is this something you could or would do, I love the eggs on your blog and it would be fantastic if you would consider it. I am on redhair_claire at (spaced out avoid junk mail - think you should be able to work it out!) so if you are interested please drop me an e-mail and I can explain what I am after. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!