Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I haven't been feeling very creative over the last 2 months. My new life as a mum seemed to have taken over for a little while, which was just fine with me.
Little m is not so little anymore, he's growing and changing everyday. And my baby free time seems to be shrinking each day at an alarming rate, as he cuts back on his day sleeping.

But I am beginning to feel Spring is in the air, and my creative juices have started flowing once more....
What started out as one of my many piles of fabric that I dream of turning into a quilt ( i have many, many, many of these lying around and cluttering up my little studio, destined to never become anything more than a pile...)

was slowly cut, stitched and pinned together

and even more slowly, hand quilted...

and finally last night I finished sewing the binding. What a feeling of accomplishment!
It's a baby quilt, and a gift for a dear friend of mine.


  1. Oh I LOVE this quilt! Spring is in the air and this quilt just makes me smile! Love the colours, placement and sizing - great job!

  2. LOVE your beautiful quilt- lovely colours and patterns WELL DONE ! xxx

  3. That quilt is beautiful, what a lucky friend you have.

  4. what a lovely quilt- love all the fabric and colors!

  5. lovely lovely quilt and oh so lovely little m!!!