Sunday, September 13, 2009

The party is over

The party was a success! But thank god it is over. I had no idea how stressful a party for a 1 year old could be. It almost felt like Christmas, there were so many decorations, so much food, and so much organising to be done. And once there are four babies in a room all getting up to mischief at the same time, it feels completely hectic.
But I was really happy with my cake, it all went according to plan despite my nerves...

And the red velvet cupcakes I made, from this recipe, were delicious! (With cream cheese icing from my Mum's recipe)I would definitely make them again, so light and velvety, just as they are supposed to be...

We decorated the room like a big top, with red and white streamers, and big bunches of red and white balloons. I made paper flags and paper party hats (which all the babies refused to wear, not even for long enough to take a photo!) But poor little m was not to happy with his party. Everything seemed to make him cry that day, including opening his presents. Poor little thing, I think the attention was too much for him.


  1. Wonderful cake and decorations- you are so clever. Love the party hats - will they be o.k. for christmas? xxxxx

  2. everything looks so lovely and in a few years time no one will remember the tears. He will love to look back on these photos.

  3. is there anything you can't do? Seriously, I love it all. Very inspiring, thanks for sharing!

  4. Little m will appreciate your amazing effort some time later ;) These photos (and everything in them) are just too beautiful. He's a very lucky boy! ;)

  5. HI...I just adore your party hats and banner/bunting. I am throwing my son a vintage circus party for his 1st you sell anywhere...? would love a few of these hats and banners...I know this was last year, as it seems, but worth a shot...thanks so much...perfectly adorable!